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California Public Health Reserve Corps

The Virtual Training Academy (VTA+) is proud to serve as the official training partner for California’s Public Health Reserve Corps (PHRC). The PHRC is an innovative, first-of-its-kind program led by the California Department of Public Health. PHRC members include employee volunteers from various state departments who are trained to provide critical, time-sensitive support during emergencies that pose a risk to public health in California.

The VTA+ provides both initial training and ongoing support for the Public Health Reserve Corps. When a PHRC member is activated, they attend VTA+ trainings as part of their orientation week. These trainings, which include Foundations of COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Case Investigation and Contact Tracing, equip members with foundational knowledge and skills to fulfill their roles.

In addition, the VTA+ hosts a Community of Practice (CoP) for PHRC members to come together, build community, and connect in their shared experience of being part of the first Public Health Reserve Corps in California. At the CoP, PHRC members receive critical science and epidemiology updates from experts in the field and participate in thoughtfully curated community building activities.

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