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California Pathways into Public Health Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic clearly illustrated the need for a well-trained and versatile public health workforce. To respond, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) partnered to develop and launch the California Pathways into Public Health Initiative (initially launched as the California Public Health Corps or CA-PHC) in summer 2021 as a pilot program. The California Pathways into Public Health Initiative (Cal-PPH) is an innovative program that provides training, hands-on work experience, and ongoing support from the program team comprised of public health professionals from the partner agencies.  

Program Openings: The application period for the Spring 2023 cohort has closed.


To increase the workforce capacity of local health departments across California by providing training, support, and work experience for professionals from historically underrepresented and diverse backgrounds.


A representative public health workforce capable of effectively responding to public health priorities, promoting health equity, and advancing the health and safety of California’s diverse people.   

What the Fellows Say about the Cal-PPH (Pathways) Program

What does being a public health professional mean?
Jennifer Madrigal
Tulare County
Whats is it like being in the cohort? Alyssa Moreno
San Bernadino County
How would you describe the Cal-PPH (Pathways) program to a friend?
Shane Gausepohl
Del Norte County
What drew you to the Cal-PPH (Pathways) program?
Thai Vang
Butte County
What role did you play in the COVID-19 response?
Ruby Ramos
Riverside County
How have you impacted your community?
Ivan Vega
Ventura County
What is one project or task that was impactful to you?
Sofia Cruz
Solano County
What is something you learned about yourself or others?
Vivian Duong
City of Long Beach
How has a mentor supported you during the Cal-PPH (Pathways) program?
Wendy Enrriquez-Villalva
Santa Barbara County
What support does the Cal-PPH (Pathways) program provide?
Emily Nguyen
Amador County
How has the Cal-PPH (Pathways) training prepared you for a career in public health?
Mark Hinojos
Tehama County
What do you plan to do after the Cal-PPH (Pathways) program?
Abigail Cruz-Reyes
Alameda County

Program Highlights

Cal-PPH Program Impact Infographic. See accessible link for full text.

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