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Case Investigation & Contact Tracing

This training is retired. This information is for historical reference only.

CICT Training is Retired and New Courses are Launching

This VTA flagship course has trained over 10,000 Covid-19 case investigators and contact tracers since 2020. In response to evolving disease intervention needs, CICT will be retired as a stand-alone course.

Interview skill training will be provided through the newly developed Essential Interviewing Skills for Disease Intervention training launching in February 2023. COVID-specific information will be transitioned to a disease-specific course which will be available in March or April 2023.

Training Information

Audience/Who Should Register: Local Health Jurisdiction (LHJ) and state employees who will be working as case investigators (CI) or contact tracers (CT).

Length of Training: Approximately 6 hours of online self-study and 8 hours of live virtual skill development activities across 2 days.

Learning Objectives:

  • Effectively communicate standardized recommendations and policies about isolation, quarantine, testing, and social support. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the key components of a case investigation and contact tracing interview 
  • Conduct a case investigation or contact tracing interview, with the support of a script 
  • Apply motivational interviewing and health coaching techniques during case investigation and contact tracing interviews
  • Apply best practices of maintaining confidentiality

Cancellation and Refund Policies: Please notify program team 48 hours before training date if you would like to cancel or reschedule. Classes are free of charge and no refund will be provided.

NOTE: Final training agenda available in the training on the VTA+ website. ​

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