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Physical Activity

In this video, Certified Fitness Instructor and Health Coach, Mandy Meunzer discusses ways of approaching exercise that go beyond typical weight training or fitness classes. If you are experiencing chronic stress or burnout, Mandy emphasizes intuitive movement over strenuous exercise. She encourages us to use physical activity as a way to love ourselves, not judge or torture ourselves. Mandy leads us through a quick 2-minute movement break and also covers 5 Key Factors to help us increase our motivation to move. While physical activity is important for our overall health, only you will know which of these movement strategies will work best for you. Be patient with yourself as you experiment with what feels best for your body.


5 Key Factors to Increase Motivation

  1. Use movement as medicine
  2. Get moving to get motivated
  3. Focus on pleasure and enjoyment
  4. Focus on what you can do
  5. Do less more often

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