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Mindfulness Practices

In this video, Sandra J. Valdes-Lopez, a Trauma-informed specialist and Somatics facilitator, shares how mindfulness practices can help us hold space for ourselves during experiences of stress and harm, expanding our capacities for peace and resiliency in the midst of challenge and adversity. Reflecting from her own personal story, Sandra invites exploration into this rich tradition, originating and nourished by East and South Asian communities and studied in the West for its evidence-based stress relieving and easing effects. You are invited to getting curious about how mindfulness can support you in your work and roles, meeting you in this moment to encourage self-compassion.


  • Liberate (BIPoC) 
  • Shine (BIPoC) 
  • AM Mindfulness (TS, COVID) 
  • Simple Habit (TS) 
  • Stop, Breathe, Think (TS, COVID) 
  • Waking Up (TS) 
  • Insight Timer (COVID) 
  • BIPoC-Diversity of Facilitators 
  • TS-Trauma Sensitive 
  • COVID-Covid specific resources 

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