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Science Corner

November 2022: Dr. Shafir’s Science Corner

Dr. Shafir’s Science Corner

In this edition of Science Corner, Dr. Shira Shafir discusses COVID-19 epidemiological updates, including case rates, vaccination rates, sub-variants and vaccine boosters. Information presented in Science Corner videos may have changed since the video was recorded.

October 2022

Epi Updates

September 2022


Meet Our Hosts

Photo of Dr. Lucía Abascal Miguel

Dr. Lucía Abascal Miguel

Lucía is the host. She is a PhD student and global health fellow with UC San Francisco’s Institute for Global Health Sciences. Lucía trained as a medical doctor in Mexico City and worked as a physician in rural Mexico. While working there, she realized poverty and inequality affected patients’ access to quality healthcare, which inspired her to pursue a career in global health. Lucía has worked on a variety of global health topics, including literacy and diabetes in Latin America and vaccine cost-effectiveness. She is also the proud momma of a little girl and a “crazy” pup.

Photo of Dr. Shira Shafir

Dr. Shira Shafir

Shira is a guest host for Science Corner. She is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Community Health Sciences and Epidemiology at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. Dr. Shafir is an epidemiologist with expertise in infectious diseases and speaks weekly to hospitals around the country about COVID-19. She is very excited about the approval of an under 5 COVID vaccine, has awesome dance moves and believes that everything can be made better with a cold Diet Dr. Pepper.

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