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Communities of Practice

The VTA+ CoP programming has ended.

What is a Community of Practice (CoP)?

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, thousands of State and local government employees and volunteers joined together to respond to COVID-19. The Virtual Training Academy (VTA+) came together to train this diverse workforce to serve as case investigators (CIs) and contact tracers (CTs). 

As our knowledge of COVID-19 evolves and national, state, and local guidelines change,  Communities of Practice (CoPs) gather to support CIs and CTs across California. Members of this community, a mostly virtual workforce, connect online to stay updated on information and guidance, learn from one another, and promote wellness through social connection. 

Communities of Practice

“Groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.”

Etienne Wenger, Social Learning Theorist
Introduction to Communities of Practice
Disabled Friends Laughing Outdoors

Components of a VTA+ CoP

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Continuing Education & Guidance Updates

The public health response has had to evolve in real time as new scientific evidence emerges; we provide timely updates and education around how this new information impacts guidance and their roles. 

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Skill Development

By offering a welcoming and safe environment for interaction, members refine their skills and learn from one another through case conferencing and peer-to-peer engagement.

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Wellness & Social Connection

Response work is extremely stressful and can be physically and emotionally exhausting. We aim to build community resilience by promoting self care practices and fostering social connection. 

What our CoPs Do

Our CoPs connect people and their work. 

  • Case Investigators and Contact Tracers
  • Team Leads and Supervisors
  • Reserve Corps

Our CoPs bring people together from a specific group or region.

  • Rural and Small Counties in California
  • Southern California 
  • Statewide

Our CoPs host webinars and townhalls to cover special topics such as:

  • Mental Health
  • Wellness
  • Long COVID
  • Vaccines

CoP Forums

Statewide CoP

Audience: Frontline staff working in COVID across CA 

Objective: Provide updates, continuing education, and support to frontline staff via interactive presentations and peer to peer learning. 

Supervisor CoP

Audience: All CA COVID Response Supervisors & Team Leads 

Objective: Supervisory, leadership & professional development, mentorship & support resources

Small & Rural CoP

Audience: All CA COVID Response Staff from Small & Rural Counties and Their Partners

Objective: Sharing of best practices, resources & support for pandemic response in small & rural counties

SoCal CoP

Audience: All COVID response staff from Southern California counties 

Objective: Sharing of best practices, resources & support for pandemic response in the Southern California region

Public Health Reserve Corps CoP

Audience: Reserve Corps Members

Objective: Professional development, community building, and science/guidance updates for members

Open Forum

CoP Name: Open Forum

Audience: All Frontline Pandemic Response Staff 

Objective: Provide a supportive space for peer-to-peer connection & discussion 

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