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Continuing Education and Support


Are you working in public health in California? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Check out our guidance, wellness, and Community of Practice (CoP) pages to find resources and information that can help you stay up to date on the latest COVID-19 guidelines and more. If you’re looking to connect with others in your field, join a CoP!

Final Coffee Chat Podcast

Coffee Chat with the CoP team on YouTube

From Small and Rural to Supervisors to SoCal to Statewide to Public Health Reserve Corps CoPs and Town Halls, the CoP Team puts their all into each event. While there are leads for each individual CoP and Town Hall session, the team supports one another with all events. This, along with their faithful audience, has allowed them to produce over 209 CoPs and 30 Town Halls with over 43,000 attendees. Thank you all for your support!

In this final episode, Valerie interviews the CoP Team:

  • Caitlin Dunn – CoP Supervisor/Team Lead
  • Thea Sigerman – CoP Program Manager
  • Emily Abrahams – Statewide and SoCal CoP Lead
  • Sabrina Sanchez – Supervisor CoP Lead
  • Julie Whitfield – Small and Rural CoP Lead
  • Pilar Deer – Public Health Reserve Corps CoP Lead
  • Raman Kaur – Town Hall Lead
Photo of Valerie Kryger

Meet the Coffee Chat Host

Valerie has a BS in Nutritional Science and a Master’s in Public Health. She works with the VTA+ as a facilitator and is the Mental Health and Wellness Liaison.  In this role, she fosters connection between the Mental Health Task Force and the CoP teams. This enables the teams to work collaboratively and respond promptly to emerging mental health concerns and support a balanced and resilient COVID Response workforce.

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