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Cal-PPH Program Highlights

General Statistics

  • 82% of fellows are bilingual, with 13 non-English languages represented.
  • 71% of fellows are first-generation college students.
  • 87% of fellows belong to racial/ethnic minority groups, as defined by CDC. (Racial/ethnic minority groups” includes people of color with a wide variety of backgrounds & experiences. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, 2022.)
  • 90% of fellows report feeling very or extremely satisfied with the Cal-PPH program.

Training Statistics

Initial Training

  • 59 subject matter experts conducted three weeks of intensive virtual training on core public health topics.
  • Knowledge assessments improved by 24% & self-reported public health core competencies scores increased by 32%.

Continuing Education

  • Delivered 170 hours of training & continuing education since August 2021.


“I am getting more and more involved in my county responsibilities over a wider spectrum of the public health continuum, and this is very exciting to me.” Quote by: 2022 Fellow

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