Thank You to our CoP Community

Thank you written out letter by letter on tiny wooden blocks with sparkling lights in the background

As 2022 winds to a close and another year begins, we think it’s important to reflect on our work and how essential you, the COVID-19 Response Workforce, has been in guiding our Communities of Practice programming.

Thank You!

Thank You from the Continuing Education Team YouTube Video

Celebration Photo Montage

Celebration Photo Montage YouTube Video

At the start of the pandemic, things were crazy. The hours were intense. There was an acute fear of the unknown and about what was to come. But along with that came a heightened sense of purpose and camaraderie. We all banded together to do what we could, to do ALL we could do. That motivated many of us to carry on.

However, as the pandemic evolved, it’s safe to say that we all felt some degree of COVID fatigue and burnout. And now, many of us also face uncertainty around job contracts and what our work will look like moving forward. What we take solace in, and what we hope also resonates with you, is remembering that the community that banded together in the beginning still exists. Jobs may have changed. Folks may have been sent back to pre-pandemic careers or shifted into other careers. But the echo of our shared experience lives on in every one of us who came together and stepped forward when we were needed most. Looking back, we are truly grateful for all of you and the amazing work you have done throughout the pandemic. Thank you for your tireless commitment to ensuring that the individuals and communities you work with are supported, not only with information and guidance, but with compassion and respect.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, from your Continuing Education Team.

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